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Disciples Basic Course (GDAS-DBC)

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The Disciples Basic Course is a 19 weeks (or 10-day intensive) curriculum consisting of modules One and Two and is essential for all new or maturing Christians.
Disciples Basic Course includes these manuals:

  • Laying the Foundation.  (Module One)
  • Encounter One Weekend.  (Module One)
  • Power of Godly Character.  (Module Two)
  • Encounter Two Weekend . (Module Two)

PLEASE NOTE: The Growing Deep and Strong™ Series can only be used with the NKJV New Spirit Filled Life Bible and must be purchased separately.

Allow 14-21 days delivery from time of purchase.

©Laying The Foundation Topics (Module One)

Each session is broken into three parts

  1. First, their coach presents a 20-30 minute VERBAL presentation of the session topic and space has been created for the disciple to take notes.
  2. Second, they are given 65- 90 minutes (PERSONAL DISCOVERY) to study the topic just presented and all bible verses etc. have fill-ins to complete, and the Bible verses are page numbered making it easy for them to find the Bible verse, commentaries, etc.– this is usually spread over a week.
  3. Third, they have listed at the end of the session (PERSONAL DISCOVERY REVIEW) questions which they and there coach discuss to ensure they have grasped the topic.
  4. At the conclusion of each module– the disciple receives a signed certificate of completion from their coach.

The following gives you an overview of each session of the Disciples Basic Course,

Session 1, A New Life

  • This begins with giving the new disciple a descriptive  background of the Bible,
  • How to read and use the NKJV New Spirit Filled Life Bible we use,
  • How to use the unique features in this Bible,
  • Describe the Course outline and structure,
  • Play the Behind The Scenes video,
  • Reaffirm there commitment to be a follower of Jesus Christ
  • and explain that a “transference” from the kingdom of Darkness to
    the Kingdom of Light has taken place in there life.

Session 2, Kingdom of Darkness

This session is to identify and expose the evil Ruler, his evils spirits
and how they influenced the decisions they were making.

The purpose is,

  • Expose how Satan and his evil spirits operate on earth,
  • How darkness and Light are opposites,
  • Nature and Character of our enemy,
  • How they influenced their decisions,
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY; if they “backslide” from there journey with Jesus, it is designed to make sure the new disciple realises what they are returning to.

Session 3, Kingdom of Light

We now introduce them to the Godhead. For a new Christian, “Three are One” is confusing. to help the new believer, we explain the term “Elohim” is Plural and over this session and the following two sessions we describe the three separate persons of the Godhead.

In this session, we describe,

  • The nature of God and use the parable of the “lost son,”
  • God is all consuming love,
  • God is eternal, unchangeable, all powerful, all knowing, is everywhere,
  • Is Righteous and Just and has give us eternal life through His Son.

Session 4, Why Jesus Came

in this session, we explain,

  • How God designed Man to operate,
  • What happened when Man fell,
  • Why Jesus Christ had to come to earth as a human, and
  • How God through Jesus Christ has restored Man’s mandate to exercise his authority or dominion with which he was created.

Session 5, Holy Spirit

In this session we explain

  • Holy Spirit’s activity in Old Testament times,
  • How He inspired the human writers of the Bible,
  • How the Holy Spirit was involved in the life of Jesus,
  • How He transformed the disciples and empowered them,
  • Holy Spirit as a person and what that means,
  • And how He works in our lives today.

Session 6, The existence of Angels

In this session we help the new Christian discover what the Bible says about the existence of angels.

  • They are created beings,
  • There are both good and bad angels,
  • Good angels are in God’s Kingdom and are concerned with our well-being,
  • Evil angels belong to the kingdom of darkness and serve Satan in his mission to kill, steal and destroy,
  • Angels are involved in the affairs of mankind,
  • Who they are, how they are organised,
  • How the angels who serve God, minister to us.
  • What the Bible says about angel worship and worshipping other spiritual beings.

Session 7, Spirit, Soul and Body

This session explains the continuing journey after we were “born again”

  • Our Spirit is born again,
  • The three parts of man, spirit, soul and body,
  • What it means to be a saint,
  • We are in God’s workshop,
  • God has a plan for our lives,
  • God renews our mind and value system,
  • Our mind, will and emotions,
  • The journey of sanctification,
  • How baggage from our old life can hinder us,
  • And this prepares the new Christian for the Encounter One Weekend.

©Encounter One Weekend

©Encounter One Weekend is the climax of and completes the module one of the basic course, where the new believers, or disciples, experience the healing power of the cross in a safe environment, dealing with the baggage of the past, demonic influence, and generational curses, and learning how to walk in freedom from them.

©Encounter One Weekend includes teaching about,

  • Power of the Cross
  • Healing Power of Communion
  • From Curse to Blessing
  • Generational Curses
  • Religious Spirit
  • Unforgiveness
  • Fear, doubt, and unbelief
  • Rejection
  • Witchcraft and occult
  • Freemasonry
  • Water Baptism (optional)
  • Holy Spirit Baptism
  • Gift of tongues


©Power Of Godly Character Topics (Module Two)

Module Two comprises ten sessions and deals with developing godly character. Power principles are addressed such as the power of praise and worship, talking with God, possessions, giving, our words, family, integrity, purity, and a second session on the family.
The last session is ©Encounter Two Weekend.

Session 1, Praise and Worship

In this session, we explain what the Bible says about praise and worship

  • Why we should worship God,
  • How we should worship God,
  • Who worships God,
  • God meets with us as we worship Him,
  • God speaks to His people through worship,
  • God inhabits our praises,
  • The difference between praise and worship,
  • Biblical expressions of praise and worship,


Session 2, Talking with God, Prayer

In this session, the disciple is taught,

  • Prayer is NOT a religious duty, but
  • A  a two-way dialogue,
  • How we can talk with God,
  • Using a “special” (tongues)  Language,
  • How to hear from God,
  • We can expect to hear from God,
  • Writing to God (journaling),
  • 10 Biblical ways we can hear from God.

Session 3, Power of Possessions

The Bible has a lot to say about about money and the power of possessions and it covers such topics such as,

  • We cannot serve two masters,
  • The love of possessions,
    They master us, or we master them,
  • The peril of self sufficiency and covetousness,
  • The peril of worry,
  • Stewardship and debt,
  • Principle of rest,
  • The peril of Poverty,
  • God desires to give us wealth,
  • Yet, abundance is not our point of trust.

Session 4, Power of Giving

In this session the new disciple of Jesus learns about the Biblical principles of the power of giving.

And what the Bible says about,

  • Christian liberality,
  • Having  an attitude of giving,
  • God loves a cheerful giver,
  • Doing good to those in the household of faith,
  • Doing good to those who teach,
  • Caring for the Lord’s workers,
  • Doing good for the poor,
  • and human responsibility and stewardship.

Session 5, The Power of Words

In this session, the disciple is taught about the power of the words they speak.

  • Life and death is in the power of the tongue,
  • Our words can be powerfully positive,
  • Or powerfully negative,
  • They can destroy or build up,
  • The power of God’s word,
  • The power of positive words,
  • The power of negative words,
  • Taming the tongue,
  • What is the source of an unruly evil tongue,
  • Consequences of our spoken words,
  • And steps on how to repent for the words we have spoken.

Session 6, the Power of Parenthood

This session reveals what God’s word says about how He designed
the family to be a place of safety and security for children and grow
in a godly environment.
In this session a new disciple will learn,

  • The miracle of human birth and God’s design,
  • Loving and caring for children honours God,
  • How God sees children,
  • How a child sees parents,
  • Parents responsibility to raise children,
  • A child learns by example, (good or bad),
  • Obedience and Biblical discipline,
  • Types of discipline,
  • And guidelines for administering discipline.

Session 7, Power of Integrity

In this session the disciple learns the core values of integrity that are built in our teenage years, and it covers the following topics,

  • Heeding parental instruction,
  • Honouring parents,
  • Formulating values,
  • Walking in integrity,
  • The application of Integrity,
  • The power of a positive thought life,
  • The problems of lawlessness,
  • Society’s package Vs. God’s package,
  • God’s word and practical, fruitful living,
  • Power of submission,
  • and changing heart attitudes.

Session 8, Power of Purity

In this session the disciples learns,

  • God’s design for our body, temple of the Holy Spirit,
  • Sexual morality,
  • Forgiveness for past moral corruption,
  • Who defrauds whom with immorality?
  • The problems associated with pornography,
  • Purity in dress,
  • Power of a marriage partnership,
  • And the sexual relationship in a marriage.

Session 9, Power of a Godly Family

In this session, the disciple is taught about,

  • The privilege of marriage,
  • Roles and responsibilities of husband and wife,
  • Leave and cleave,
  • A helper,
  • Unequally quoked,
  • Husband’s responsibilities,
  • Wife’s responsibilities,
  • Marriage covenant,
  • Keeping a soft heart toward each other,
  • What about Divorce?
  • What about an unbelieving spouse?
  • Single parents,
  • Power of parenthood,
  • what does the Bible say about abortion?
  • And creating a Christian heritage.

©Encounter Two Weekend

©Encounter Two Weekend climaxes and concludes Module Two of the basic course, where ungodly character issues that may have come to the surface in this Module are addressed in a safe and confidential environment.

Demonic influences and other blocks to the development of godly character are removed so that the disciples can walk in freedom from them and live in the power of godly character.

©Encounter Two Weekend includes the following topics,

  • The power of the Cross,
  • Jesus has the keys to victory,
  • Communion, and the benefits,
  • Power of offence,
  • Power of words,
  • Power of curses,
  • Power of Integrity,
  • Power of possessions,
  • House cleaning,
  • Power of giving,
  • Power of purity,
  • Soul ties.

This concludes the basic course, in 19 weeks or a 10 day intensive you have transformed the life of a new believer and prepared them for the Advanced Course, where they learn to reach out to the lost in there circle of influence and begin to disciple them.

When God’s people are truly revived and renewed spiritually, it results in a new vision for a lost world and a new commitment to reach out to those who do not belong to Christ — evangelism is the fruit of revived hearts — Dr Billy Graham.

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