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Be a Coach and Disciple Others

It’s never been easier to be a coach and disciple others. Growing Deep and Strong® is an intentional Christian discipleship and small group leadership program to help you fast track and transform the life of  a new Christian.

Empowering you to disciple others

The purpose of the Growing Deep and Strong® series is to help you establish a new believer quickly with strong Biblical foundations, free them from past bondages that they may bring into their Christian walk, help them discover their God given gifts, teach them how to evangelize people they know and then equip them to be a Coach and disciple new Christians. (Matthew 28: 18-20)

After 6 Months of Growing Deep and Strong, I Was Teaching Others

It’s that easy, it’s so simple. The process behind it is so simple anyone can pick that up. After actually doing the course themselves, they can pick that up and start teaching others. It’s so simple. – Annette Keat

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It’s all done for you

If you have a burning desire to disciple others, but don’t know where to start, this is definitely for you!

We collectively spent over 35,000 hours to give you a biblically sound and easily teachable course that contains all the Bible verses and commentaries that you will ever need to disciple a new Christian, ensuring that almost anyone could pick up the coach’s manuals and begin coaching and discipling others.

It is Easy to Navigate When You’re Discipling Others

The growing deep and strong tool is easy to navigate when you’re discipling others. Whether you are an experienced teacher or not, you’ll be able to just pick up the manuals and follow the prompts. – Sharon Brown

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It’s seamless

Almost anyone can pick up the coach’s manuals by following the provided format and instructions, which are all biblically sound and Holy Spirit inspired.

You can even tailor the program to coincide with school terms and spread it over a 19-37 week period or longer.

Each Study Was Very Self-Explanatory

I just went through each week, didn’t look ahead. Each study was very self-explanatory that the questions were outlined, and I would make notes and then just facilitate and get other people to share their experiences and what they’d found as they went through. – Rick Dobby

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Start learning how to disciple others today

Our Coach’s Basic Course is designed to equip you with the skills to fast-track your disciple’s journey, guiding them from a pagan background to becoming a Christian Small Group Leader in under 12 months or less!

Get your own Coach’s manual and get started on your discipleship journey today!

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Still unsure? Get started with our FREE manual

Claim your FREE 120-page Coach’s Manual and master the basic steps for converting individuals from a pagan background into a dedicated Christian disciple.

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