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Christian Discipleship Course Outline

One of the primary mandates for our Christian discipleship course outline was to make sure that we could equip the Christian community with discipleship tools that were simple to use, easy to teach and easy to understand for a new believer.

It’s seamless

Simply follow the process and the discipleship course outline we have created —- Almost anyone can pick up the coach’s (teachers) manuals, simply follow the format and apply the  instructions we have given you — it is biblically sound and Holy Spirit inspired.

Our Christian Discipleship Course outline will help you fast track the life of a new believer and take them from a pagan background to a Christian Small Group Leader discipling others in their Mountain of Influence in 12 months or less.

The common feedback we receive is, “our disciples learnt more in 6 months than the average Christian sitting in a church has learnt in 5 years,” or, “why aren’t we being taught this in church?”

“We have taught the basic course —all the work put into Growing Deep and Strong® has made it easy to follow and use — because all the years they put into creating it —  it has given the disciples a great understanding of God’s Word — it’s only God’s word that will change lives — I highly recommend it to everyone.” Heather Ellison.

Our 7 Mountain Mandate and Christian Discipleship Course Outline

The Christian Discipleship course outline began with the vision to be;

A catalyst and facilitator in developing Christians to become leaders and disciplers of others and  create an environment that develops leaders who change nations.

Our 7 mountain Mandate is to equip the Ecclesia in the Mountain of Religion with a Blueprint for Success so they can — Transfer (Convert) — Disciple — Strengthen — and Send Biblically grounded Societal Reformers back into their Mountain of Influence.

Religion — Family — Education — Government — Media — Business — and Arts/Entertainment.

Where their lifestyle is influenced by a biblical worldview — and the Bible is their standard code of conduct for every decision they make in business, workplace, schools, universities, and their personal life.

Create your own New Christian Training Centre

You can now start your own New Christian Training Centre (Micro Church) discipling new Christians with our inexpensive and easy to use, new Christian Discipleship course and Small Group Leadership programs. (click here to review our Curriculum.)

It was easy to coach others

“…. it was a learning curve…. interesting to see the dynamics at work… we had a small group of people we were responsible for… we each had 3-5 people to coach… the manuals are fantastic… They outlined and gave direction on what to speak about… What questions to bring up and discuss… gave us guidelines… it gave us back up and knowledge… A lot of depth and knowledge in the scriptures… And was brought out in simplistic terms… And was really easy to teach in simplistic terms… it was great…”  Tammy Broadhead

Empowering You to Disciple Others

Our Christian Discipleship Course outline has been designed to empower Christians who have a burning desire to teach new believers on how to live a transformed life according to God’s Word by following the steps we have written in the Coach’s manuals. It is biblically sound and easy to teach.

When a baby is born, it is a basic human instinct to love, care, protect and nurture them. All this is done to ensure that this new creation grows into a healthy human being.

But when someone is born again, most churches are elated, congratulate them and send them on their way into the world. As a result churches are full of baby Christians who never fully developed spiritually. Even if they were born again decades earlier.

The purpose of the Growing Deep and Strong® series is to help you establish a new believer quickly with strong Biblical foundations, free them from past bondages that they may bring into their Christian walk, help them discover their God given gifts, teach them how to evangelize people they know and then equip them to be a Coach and disciple new Christians. (Matthew 28: 18-20)

It laid the foundations for my Christian walk

“I was introduced to Growing Deep and Strong® shortly after I met Jesus — it had a profound impact on my life — I had a lot stuff and baggage from my past — I learnt the mechanics of a Christian life — how to get rid of past issues — how to grow in an intimate relationship with God — it gave me the foundations to grow my faith — how to be successful in life — very grateful for the Growing Deep and Strong® materials — I have seen others who haven’t had strong foundations like this really struggle in there Christian walk — I strongly recommend it from a personal experience.”–Tom Peters

Transforming lives

Once people become new believers, you can teach them how to live a transformed life according to God’s Word using the Growing Deep and Strong® Christian discipleship course outline and small group leadership program.

You can tailor the program to coincide with school terms and spread it over a 19-37 week period or longer.

You can choose a 19 or 37 Weeks Christian Discipleship Course

Basic Christian Discipleship Course Outline

The Basic Christian Discipleship Course is a 19 weeks course and is essential for all new Christians.

We strongly recommend that you coach them through the Basic Christian Discipleship Course as quickly as possible after their spiritual birth so that strong biblical foundations are laid down and past baggage is dealt with quickly.

Advanced Christian Discipleship Course Outline

The Advanced Christian Discipleship Course  is a 37 weeks program that includes the basic course and then gives you the tools to help a new Christian discover their God given gifts, strategies to evangelise and become a small group leader discipling others.

It Has Given Me Skills for Every Area of My Life

“Found it laid out very well and easy to understand… each lesson followed on from the previous in a real logical way… Laying The Foundation cleared up a few misconceptions… laid a good foundation….cleaned up a bit of the rubbish… the “homework” wasn’t to heavy, helped the lesson sink in… the Bible we used was great with all the extra…..Growing Deep and Strong gave me a map… it pulled it altogether… it has given me skills for every area of my life….a husband, a father and a better person in general… reinforced truth… who God is… why Jesus came… what Christianity is about…” Andrew Broadhead

Get the best new christian training centre materialsBasic Discipleship Course: 19 Weeks

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Module 1. Laying the Foundation.

Module one is nine sessions, beginning with the video presentation ©Behind The Scenes, as an introduction and orientation, then seven sessions covering foundational principles such as:

  • Behind The Scenes and Introduction
  • A New Life, and how to use the Bible,
  • Kingdom of Darkness
  • Kingdom of Light
  • Why Jesus Came
  • The Holy Spirit our Helper
  • Existence of Angels
  • Spirit, Soul and Body.

This module concludes with Encounter One Weekend.

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  • ©Encounter One Weekend

The ministry weekend is the climax of and completes the first module, where the new believers, or disciples, experience the healing power of the cross in a safe environment, dealing with the baggage of the past, demonic influence and generational curses and learning how walk in freedom from them.

©Encounter One Weekend includes what communion means, and the need for being baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit.

We provide you with a very comprehensive and all inclusive Coach’s manual that will teach you how to run a successful Encounter Weekend.

“It was a revelation to discover how demonic bondages can hold us back in our Christian walk —-  I am very grateful that we have teaching like this — it’s based on the Word — it’s about Jesus Christ, our Rock. —  it’s such a blessing to be nurtured like this.” Peter Gollan.

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Module 2. Power of Godly Character.

Module two comprises ten sessions and deals with developing Godly character. Power principles are addressed such as:

  • The power of praise and worship
  • Power of prayer, talking with God
  • Power of possessions
  • Power of giving
  • Power of our words
  • Power of parenthood
  • Power of integrity
  • Power of purity
  • Power of a Godly family.

This module concludes with the  Encounter Two Weekend.

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  • Encounter Two Weekend

©Encounter Two Weekend climaxes and concludes Module Two, where ungodly character issues that may have come to the surface in this Module are addressed in a safe environment.

Demonic influences and other blocks to the development of godly character are removed so that the disciples can walk in freedom from them and live in the power of godly character.

We provide you with a very comprehensive and all inclusive Coach’s manual that will teach you how to run a successful Encounter Weekend.

Evangelism and Discipling Others

“When God’s people are truly revived and renewed spiritually, it results in a new vision for a lost world and a new commitment to reach out to those who do not belong to Christ. Evangelism is the fruit of revival.” Rev. Billy Graham

You will find that by now your new disciples will have a strong desire to share with their circle of influence what God has done in their lives. The Advanced Christian discipleship course helps you to equip them to evangelize their circle of influence and become a small group leader discipling others.


Advanced Christian Discipleship Course:
the 2nd 18 weeks of 37 weeks

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Module 3. The War Is Real

Firstly, the module has been designed to help your disciples discover their own unique God-given gifts and how they can best use their gifts as they serve God and help others.

Secondly, this module teaches on spiritual warfare, combining prayer, intercession and fasting as spiritual weapons against the enemy who blinds the eyes of those living in the kingdom of darkness.

The third aspect is to help your disciples apply the principles of prayer warfare practically by targeting three people in their circle of influence and praying for them over a 40-day period with the aim of seeing them come into the kingdom of God.

The topics include:

  • Gifts of the Father
  • Gifts of the Spirit
  • God’s heart for mankind
  • The war room
  • Warfare prayer strategies
  • Praying for breakthrough
  • The Lord of breakthroughs Sent out by Jesus

The video presentation called ©Behind The Scenes has been designed as an effective evangelism tool for presenting the Gospel to their friends at the conclusion of their 40-day prayer warfare.

  • New converts from prayer evangelism

New disciples of Jesus are the result of prayer warfare and evangelism. This is how new groups of brand new believers are multiplied.

Ideally, the person who prayed new believers into God’s kingdom would follow them up, and become their coach.

With your oversight as their coach they would become a coach and assist the new believer to begin Module One while they themselves complete module four, Discipling Others.

This is the beginning of your disciples becoming a coach and small group leader learning to disciple others.

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It changed my life forever

“Growing Deep and Strong® showed me Biblical principles on how we should be living our lives — I learnt that God is love and bad stuff that has happened in my life was because of my Godless actions — my family did the course with me — I learnt how I am meant to treat people — I now care more about other people — I am more successful in my job — Growing Deep and Strong® has changed my life. and it will change yours too — I highly recommend it.” —- CHRIS MOONEY

Module 4. Discipling Others

Module Four is designed to help the disciple develop leadership skills to coach new believers through Module One and Two, and also to lead small groups of Christians effectively as they grow and multiply.

The topics in this module include:

  • Welcome new coach
  • Introducing Growing Deep and Strong®
  • A new parent
  • Role of a new parent
  • Baby talk
  • Caring for spiritual children
  • The Son’s equipping gifts
  • Caring for spiritual adolescents
  • Preparing for Encounter Weekend
  • Team training
  • Team debriefing.

For more details on course structure click the link

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