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Basic Discipleship Course: 19 Weeks

Module 1: Laying the Foundation

Module one is nine sessions, beginning with the video presentation ©Behind The Scenes, as an introduction and orientation, then seven sessions covering foundational principles such as:

  • Behind The Scenes and introduction
  • A New Life, and how to use the Bible
  • Kingdom of Darkness
  • Kingdom of Light
  • Why Jesus Came
  • The Holy Spirit our Helper
  • Existence of Angels
  • Spirit, Soul and Body

This module concludes with Encounter One Weekend.

©Encounter One Weekend

©Encounter One Weekend includes what communion means, and the need for being baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit.

Module 2: Power of Godly Character

Module two comprises ten sessions and deals with developing Godly character. Power principles are addressed such as:

  • The power of praise and worship
  • Power of prayer, talking with God
  • Power of possessions
  • Power of giving
  • Power of our words
  • Power of parenthood
  • Power of integrity
  • Power of purity
  • Power of a Godly family

This module concludes with the  Encounter Two Weekend.

©Encounter Two Weekend

©Encounter Two Weekend climaxes and concludes Module Two, where ungodly character issues that may have come to the surface in this Module are addressed in a safe environment.

Demonic influences and other blocks to the development of godly character are removed so that the disciples can walk in freedom from them and live in the power of godly character.

Advanced Christian Discipleship Course: 18 Weeks

Module 3: The War Is Real

Firstly, this module has been designed to help you discover your own unique God-given gifts and how you can best useyour gifts as you serve God and help others.

Secondly, this module teaches on spiritual warfare, combining prayer, intercession and fasting as spiritual weapons against the enemy who blinds the eyes of those living in the kingdom of darkness.

The third aspect is to help you apply the principles of prayer warfare practically by targeting three people in your circle of influence and praying for them over a 40-day period with the aim of seeing them come into the kingdom of God.

The topics include:

  • Gifts of the Father
  • Gifts of the Spirit
  • God’s heart for mankind
  • The war room
  • Warfare prayer strategies
  • Praying for breakthrough
  • The Lord of breakthroughs sent out by Jesus

The video presentation called ©Behind The Scenes has been designed as an effective evangelism tool for presenting the Gospel to their friends at the conclusion of their 40-day prayer warfare.

Module 4: Discipling Others

Module Four is designed to help the you develop leadership skills to coach new believers through Module One and Two and also to lead small groups of Christians effectively as they grow and multiply.

The topics in this module include:

  • Welcome new coach
  • Introducing Growing Deep and Strong®
  • A new parent
  • Role of a new parent
  • Baby talk
  • Caring for spiritual children
  • The Son’s equipping gifts
  • Caring for spiritual adolescents
  • Preparing for Encounter Weekend
  • Team training
  • Team debriefing
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