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Be a Disciple

Growing Deep and Strong® has made it simple for you to be a disciple today.

It is designed to empower you on your spiritual journey and fast track your growth as a disciple of Christ.

This transformative series is crafted to guide you, a new follower of Jesus, on a path of deepening your faith and building your strong spiritual foundations.

Everything is set up for you

If you are deeply passionate about knowing Jesus Christ, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

We have simplified the process, making it user-friendly and simple to understand.

We have provided everything that will equip you to fully embrace the teachings and become a dedicated follower of Christ.

It laid the foundations for my Christian walk

“I learnt the mechanics of a Christian life, how to get rid of past issues, how to grow in an intimate relationship with God, it gave me the foundations to grow my faith and how to be successful in life. I strongly recommend it from a personal experience.” – Tom Peters

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Start your Christian journey today

We collectively spent over 35,000 hours to give you a biblically sound and easy to learn course that contains all the Bible verses and lessons that you will ever need to become a disciple, ensuring that almost anyone could pick up the disciple’s manual and begin their own Christian journey.

Get your own Disciple’s manual and get started on your Christian journey today!

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