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Christian Discipleship

The ©Growing Deep and Strong Series  is an intentional Christian discipleship and small group leadership path to quickly establish new and maturing believers in their faith.

It’s all done for you

We have made it so easy you will wonder how you ever coped beforehand.

We collectively spent over 35,000 hours to give you a complete-off-the shelf  Christian Bible study discipleship and leadership course that you simply purchase and implement.

Disciple new and maturing Christians

©Growing Deep and Strong will take a person from a pagan background to a Christian small group leader in 12 months or less.

The ©Growing Deep and Strong Series is about changing and transforming the lives of people from the inside out.

It’s Easy to Teach

If you have proven leadership and management skills or have completed the Series as a disciple, then you can easily take others through ©Growing Deep and Strong by following the steps we have written into the Coach’s manuals.

©Growing Deep and Strong

Is a 19 weeks or 37 weeks off-the-shelf-mentoring Bible Study discipleship course that will grow a non-Christian into a mature Christian.

  • Grounded in God’s Word
  • Strong in faith
  • Living a holy and sanctified life
  • Dedicated to discipling others
  • One that is simple to use
  • Easy to administrate
  • Low in cost
  • Builds small groups that will grow
  • And multiply organically.

©Growing Deep and Strong

Has been designed as an intentional discipleship path for new and maturing believers

It’s unique style is written in an easy to understand format to quickly establish Christians in their faith with minimal supervision through equipping and involving ordinary Christians in leadership.

The ©Growing Deep and Strong Series consists of an Evangelism video and four nine-week modules, including two Encounter Weekends.

The purpose of the four modules is to establish a new believer quickly with strong Biblical foundations, free disciples from bondages that they may bring into their Christian walk, help them to reach out to people they know and equip them to be a Coach and disciple these people.

There are two manuals for each module, one for the disciples and one for the coaches.

The coach’s manual has the complete presentation, filled-in answers, and questions for review and group discussion at the end of the session.

It can be tailored to suit different groups The series can be run as a:

  • one-on-one,
  • in a small group,
  • or as a class

in any location or time frame.

  • It is simple to teach.
  • easy to administrate.
  • It multiplies groups with minimal supervision.
  • involves ordinary Christians.

Go to Course outline page for a more comprehensive explanation of the ©Growing Deep and Strong Series

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