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Christian Discipleship

The Growing Deep and Strong® Series is an intentional Christian discipleship and small group leadership program to help you fast track and transform the life of  a new Christian.

You can now start your own New Christian Training Hub (Micro Church) discipling new Christians with our inexpensive and easy to use, new Christian Discipleship and Small Group Leadership programs. (Click Here to Review our Curriculum)

The Coach’s manual made it easy to coach others”

“…. it was a learning curve…. interesting to see the dynamics at work… we had a small group of people we were responsible for… we each had 3-5 people to coach… the manuals are fantastic… They outlined and gave direction on what to speak about… What questions to bring up and discuss… gave us guidelines… it gave us back up and knowledge… A lot of depth and knowledge in the scriptures… And was brought out in simplistic terms… And was really easy to teach in simplistic terms… it was great…” Tammy Broadhead.

7 Mountain Mandate

Our 7 mountain Mandate is to equip the Ecclesia in the Mountain of Religion with a Blueprint for Success so they can — Transfer (Convert) — Disciple — Strengthen — and Send Biblically grounded Societal Reformers back into their Mountain of Influence.

Religion — Family — Education — Government — Media — Business — and Arts/Entertainment.

Their lifestyle is influenced by a biblical worldview and the Bible is their standard and code of conduct for every decision they make in business, workplace, schools, universities, and their personal life

It has been designed to help you take a brand new follower of Jesus Christ to a Small Group Leader discipling others in their Mountain of Influence in 12 months or less.

It’s all done for you

if you have a burning desire to disciple others, this is for you. We have made it easy to use and simple to teach, we have given you all the Bible verses and commentaries in the Coach’s manual that you will ever need to disciple a new Christian.

It is biblically sound and easy to teach. It has been designed to empower ordinary Christians who have a desire to teach new believers on how to live a transformed life according to God’s word.

We collectively spent over 35,000 hours to give you a complete-off-the shelf  Christian Bible study discipleship and leadership course that you simply purchase and implement.

In the Coach’s manuals we have given you clear easy to follow instructions to implement the Growing Deep and Strong® Series effectively.

It fast tracked my Christian journey to righteousness

“Aside from a short spell at Sunday School as a child, I had no religious upbringing or teachings whatsoever. Despite a university education, my understanding of the Bible was as Mickey Mouse as it gets.

When I became a Christian at the age of 40 my knowledge was limited to and distorted by secular society and gross media representation -particularly Hollywood.

Joining a Bible Study group with other new believers and studying under the Growing Deep and Strong series was a wonderful introduction to Scripture. What was once unintelligible became clear and powerful. The course provided solid theology, foundation and clarity, particularly in regard to issues of spiritual warfare and the Holy Trinity.”   Lilly Bragge


Go and check it out! We are offering you the 120 page Coach’s manual, “Discipling Others.” for free. This comprehensive coach’s manual shows you how to transform the lives of new believers into radical followers of Jesus Christ —- download your free copy now, click here.

Christian Discipleship for new Christians

Growing Deep and Strong® will take a person from a pagan background to a Christian small group leader in 12 months or less.

The Growing Deep and Strong® Series is about changing and transforming the lives of people from the inside out.

It’s Easy to Teach

If you have previous leadership and management skills or have completed the Series as a disciple, then you can easily take others through Growing Deep and Strong® by following the steps we have written into the Coach’s manuals.

Growing Deep and Strong®

Is a 19 weeks or 37 weeks off-the-shelf-mentoring Christian Discipleship and Leadership Program that will grow a non-Christian into a mature small group Christian leader.

  • Grounded in God’s Word
  • Strong in faith
  • Living a holy and sanctified life
  • Dedicated to discipling others
  • One that is simple to use
  • Easy to administrate
  • Low in cost
  • Builds small groups that will grow
  • And multiply organically.

Growing Deep and Strong®

Has been designed as an intentional Christian discipleship path for new and maturing Believers

It’s unique style is written in an easy to understand format to quickly establish new Christians in their faith with minimal supervision.

The ©Growing Deep and Strong® Series consists of an Evangelism video and four nine-week modules, including two Encounter Weekends.

The purpose of the four modules is to help you establish a new believer quickly with strong Biblical foundations, free them from bondages that they may bring into their Christian walk, teach them how to reach out to people they know and then equip them to be a Coach and disciple these new Christians.

There are two manuals for each module, one for the disciples and one for you, the coach.

The coach’s manual has the complete presentation, filled-in answers, and questions for review and group discussion at the end of the session.

It has been tailored to suit different groups,  you can run the series as a:

  • one-on-one setting,
  • in a small group,
  • or as a class

in any location or time frame.

  • It is simple to teach.
  • easy to administrate.
  • It multiplies groups with minimal supervision.
  • involves ordinary Christians.

Go to Course outline page for a more comprehensive explanation of the Growing Deep and Strong® Series

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