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Coaching Online Training

This coaching online training will equip you with the skills to quickly establish new believers with strong Biblical foundations, freeing them from the bondages they bring into their Christian walk, empowering them to reach out to people they know, and effectively disciple those people themselves.

#1 Course Outline

The Growing Deep and Strong® Series provides a structured learning path with four modules designed for new and growing believers.

In the Basic Course, you’ll help your disciples establish a strong biblical foundations, address past burdens, and nurture a godly character. Moving on to the Advanced Course, you’ll guide them through spiritual warfare, prayer evangelism, and leadership development.

#2 Course Structure

Our discipleship program can be one-on-one, small group, or in a classroom settings. Sessions are presented in diverse formats, including verbal presentations, personal discovery discussions, and coach-led presentations.

As you diligently follow the guidelines we have recommended, you will find your disciples grow and mature quickly.

#3 A New Spiritual Parent

Those you have prayed for and brought to the place of new birth are actually your spiritual children.

God has given you the awesome privilege of bringing them to birth, and also seeing them grow up meaning that you have a God-given responsibility to put the time and effort into seeing them cared for and grow.

#4 Baby Talk for Spiritual Children

The patterns that are set early on in childhood are tremendously important for the ongoing development of the child. In the natural family, growing children learn more by imitating the pattern of their parents, than by formal teaching.

Remember that your disciples are just little children in the spiritual sense meaning that your impact on them as a role model will be the most powerful influence in their lives at this point.

#5 Caring for Spiritual Children

Each of your spiritual children is unique and individual. Tailor your care and nurture to suit the individual characteristics and needs of your disciples.

Training them may possibly be messy, but remember that you are not just there to “give them fish, but teach them how to fish.”

#6 Caring for Spiritual Adolescents

As little children, your spiritual children are really enthusiastic about their new relationship with Jesus, and everything is new and wonderful.

But, as they grow up, they will realize that there is more to being a disciple than just rejoicing in our salvation. They need to learn to grow up spiritually and get victory over those things that hinder their developing relationship with God.

#7 We Are All Called to Equip

You may not have felt ready but just as God was with His disciples, you can be assured that He is with you as you care for your spiritual children. The more you care and nurture your spiritual children, the more He is adding strength and wisdom to you.

#8 Gifts of the Son

Now you are being equipped to become a coach so that you can have the joy of seeing your disciples established, healed, set free and growing toward maturity themselves.

You are being equipped to reproduce what God has done in your life in the lives of your disciples. And in turn, you are becoming equippers for the next spiritual generation. What an awesome privilege!

Want to learn more about discipling others?

Our Disciple’s Advance Course is designed to equip you with the skills to fast-track your disciple’s journey, guiding them from a pagan background to becoming a Christian Small Group Leader in under 12 months or less!

Equip your Disciples with the Right Tool

We collectively spent over 35,000 hours to give your disciple a biblically sound and easy to learn course, ensuring that they could pick it up and start their own Christian journey with you as their coach.

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