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Our objectives

objectiveWhen my team and I set out to write the ®Growing Deep and Strong Discipleship curriculum for new Christian training centres our objectives were clear.

  1. It had to be designed in a manner that equipped the Christian community with discipleship tools that were biblically sound, simple to teach and easy to understand for a new believer
  2. It had to be designed so that almost anyone with management or leadership skills could confidently pick up the coach’s manuals and begin to disciple others.
  3. The course manuals had to be simple to use, true to the Bible, and reduce any chance of incorrect doctrines being added by immature leadership.
  4. It had to be flexible so that it could be run in almost any time frame, location, and setting, such as, one-on one, a small group setting, a classroom setting with breakout groups, or via online gatherings.
  5. It had to quickly transform the life of a new believer by discovering Biblical principles and applying them to everyday life. It had to be an intentional discipleship path that is interactive and designed to embrace all learning styles.
  6. It had to fast track and transform the life of a new believer and take them from a pagan background to a Christian small group leader, discipling others in their mountain of influence in 6 to 12 months.
  7. It had to be based on a Study Bible that was well developed, enabling us to page number all the Bible verses, commentaries etc. making it easy for a new Christian to navigate the Word of God.
  8. 8)It had to lay out foundational truths, such as the two spiritual kingdoms, who God is, why Jesus came, the person of the Holy Spirit, the existence and purpose of angels, and free them of the baggage a new follower of Jesus Christ brings from their old life into their new Christian life.
  9. It had to teach a new disciple how to realign their character and behaviour with godly principles, help them discover and use their God-given gifts.
  10. It was important to teach them how to evangelize those within their circle of influence and bring them into the Kingdom of Light.
  11. It had to teach them how to disciple those they had prayed into the kingdom of Light.
  12. It had to transform the life of a new believer and help them become societal reformers in their mountain of influence where every decision they make is based on a Biblical worldview.

My early experiences as a new a Christian

new christianWhen I first became a new Christian I had no idea on how to unlock the Bible and apply it to a new way of thinking and living. I had no idea on where to begin.
I knew God was real because of a very powerful encounter with God on the day of my conversion to Christianity, May 23rd, 1990.

I had no idea of the different versions of the Bible. Some well-meaning Christians gave me a “Good News” version of the Bible and told me to read a specific section. But without instructions or using a study Bible that at least had commentaries it was very difficult.
Other Christian leaders gave me some basic Bible study materials, but all of these were based on the assumption that I had some church and Christian background.

I found most discipleship materials are fragmented, lack an intentional discipleship path, denominational driven, in other words, selective reading and deliberately ignoring some aspects of what the Bible says. Plus they contained a “Christianise” language and a culture that made it difficult for “newbies” like me to understand.

Zero Church background

I had zero church background. I had no idea why Jesus came to earth, who the Holy Spirit is, and as I read the Old Testament, God looked like someone who had a big stick and if you made a mistake you would be zapped by Him!

I found that most Christian Discipleship materials are akin to throwing someone into the deep end of a swimming pool and saying, “Here, figure out how to swim.” Thankfully, persistence is one of my attributes and I doggedly persisted. I kept buying various Bible versions and finally came across the NKJV Spirit Filled Life Study Bible. Once I learnt how to use their study notes the Bible came alive and I grew in my knowledge and walk with God.

Growing Deep and Strong

growing deep and strongIn 2001 I embarked on a journey of writing a Christian Discipleship course that would grow and mature a brand new believer like me who had zero church background.

It took 5-6 years and some 35,000 hours to complete and as you can see by the numerous testimonies it has been spectacularly successful and we have achieved our objectives



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