Vision Decree - Growing Deep and Strong
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I declare and decree, the © Growing Deep and Strong Series is a major global foundational tool for new Christians, it is being used all over the world, it has touched and changed millions of lives, it’s being used in business workplaces. Business owners looked and found the © Growing Deep and Strong Material online or through the recommendation of others.

Some are Christians who wanted to mentor and help their staff grow in their character and integrity, some aren’t, but they are so touched by the © Growing Deep and Strong Series they wanted the same for their staff.

Business Owners have caught the vision and used it with their staff and as a result their businesses have flourished, the ethics, morals and character of their staff has been transformed and this has created an environment that has transformed their workplace.

Businesses are flourishing because they are applying the Biblical principles written through the © Growing Deep and Strong Series.

Testimonies continually come in from all over the world of the impact it’s had on their businesses. It’s been run in offices, lunchrooms, in restaurants, McDonalds, anywhere where people could meet, share and discuss each weekly topic.

The © Growing Deep and Strong Series has touched millions of lives, it has saved marriages and countless lives. It has extended way past business owners discipling their employees, employees have taken it and used the © Growing Deep and Strong Series with their families and friends, It’s been run in homes, restaurants etc.

Young people have found the material online and have caught the vision and using it in schools and universities with their friends, it is transforming their mindsets and values, it’s bringing truth and liberty into their lives, they are discovering the destiny and assignments God has for their lives and are becoming tomorrows leaders with the Bible as their code of conduct in all their endeavours.

We have an amazing product that is well balanced and theologically correct, it is simple to use, easy to teach, duplicate and multiply.

It carries a generational blessing—a baton being passed from generation to generation and each generation is running faster, bigger than I have ever imagined—I have created a tsunami of people doing the same thing down the generations—the batons are getting multiplied—and the speed is multiplying
as well—I gathered people around me to run with me—they learnt with me and passed the baton on—spiritual children—I am raising up a new generation of people who hold the Bible and God as the centrepiece of every decision they make.

Its’ so exciting to read and hear all the testimonies that are coming in from all over the world.

We have a cloud of witnesses cheering us on, we have fulfilled the destiny of what God has called us to do.

Angels are assigned to protect every shipment that goes out. Angels supernaturally surround, guard and protect the printing companies.

Firelighters—many, many people have become firelighters, evangelists, raving fans and are actively promoting the © Growing Deep and Strong Series to all and sundry. It’s so exciting and humbling to see the © Growing Deep and Strong Series rapidly expanding and going out all over the world.

I am thankful and grateful to be a servant of God, to have written the © Growing Deep and Strong series with David W Searle, we made a great team and wrote a very well balanced and theologically sound discipleship and leadership path for new Christians that’s simple to use and easy to understand. It’s so pleasing to see people grow in their faith and character.

All over the world every weekend there are countless encounter weekends, new Christians are being set free in a safe environment and in an orderly manner—angels ascend and descend on every encounter weekend and do battle for the saints—they are amazing events, people come away transformed, healed and delivered—countless lives and marriages are saved and transformed.

It is growing and increasing at a rapid rate, and I am continually speaking and sharing it all over the world—it is one of the most talked about new Christian discipleship programs in the world—many have been so transformed and inspired they are rapidly spreading the word. It’s gone viral.

Thousands and thousands of people are covering it in prayer, angels ascend and descend and destroy all opposition.

David and I supply the Christian community with a Bible based step by step new Christian Discipleship and Leadership program called © Growing Deep and Strong, it’s simple to use, easy to understand and takes a person from a pagan background to a small group leader discipling others in 12 months or less.

I am a catalyst and facilitator in developing people to become leaders and disciplers of others.

I have created an environment that creates leaders that changes nations.

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