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A Unique Team

The author and original contributors of the Growing Deep and Strong® series each had very unique gifts and experiences that worked really well together. This has caused the Growing Deep and Strong® Christian Discipleship training programs to be rich in content with a strong Biblical emphasis, yet easily understood by new believers who have no church background.

Carl John Fechner

christian discipleship

Carl was born in rural Victoria, Australia and currently lives in Bairnsdale, Australia with his wife Karen. He grew up in a non-church background with no Christian discipleship or Biblical understanding of God and how the Bible is relevant to every day living. At the age of twenty, Carl made a decision that God and the church were irrelevant to his journey through life. In many ways his life was not unlike the prodigal son with very worldly living.

At the age of 42, married for the second time, Carl and his wife Karen experienced a total business failure and complete financial loss. During this time they were given a book called, This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti. From reading this book, Christianity made sense, and within 2-3 days God revealed Himself in a very real way to both Carl and Karen. The conversion to Christianity was a total commitment. However past baggage took them on a search for personal healing, cleansing, deliverance and a good discipleship course.

Their personal growth experiences from 1990 onwards were wide and varied. Carl submitted his life to the Lord to bring healing to his past. He also was able to serve the Lord through his business skills and expertise in developing businesses. These are some of the areas of his involvement.

  • Leading small groups for Marriage Ministries International.
  • Co-led Intercessors For Melbourne, implementing regional municipality intercessory prayer groups.
  • As National coordinators, successfully brought Cleansing Stream Ministries USA into the Australian church community.
  • His company published and distributed Cleansing Stream Ministries materials in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Attended Ministry Training College for twelve months specialising in church management and church planting.
  • Led small groups in his local church.

7 Mountain Mandate and Christian Discipleship

The 7 Mountain Mandate is to bring a biblical worldview into the 7 Mountains of Society — Religion — Family — Education — Government — Media — Business — and Arts/Entertainment. And Carl believes this can be achieved with effective Christian discipleship programs

Carl’s focus is to be a catalyst and facilitator in developing people to become leaders and mentors of others—- and create an environment that creates leaders that transforms nations.

Carl believes the Growing Deep and Strong® Christian discipleship curriculum is a Blueprint For Success  that brings about reformation and redefines the 7 Mountains of Society with a Biblical Worldview.

By equipping the ecclesia in the Mountain of Religion with a Blueprint for Success Carl believes it will  enable them to — Transfer — Disciple — Strengthen — and Send Biblically grounded Societal Reformers back into their Mountain of Influence — where their lifestyle is influenced by a biblical worldview — and the Bible is the code of conduct in every decision they make in business, workplace, schools, universities, and their personal life.

More information and a complete history of Carl John Fechner’s business and ministry background can be found on his personal website 

christian discipleship

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