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Behind the Scenes Evangelism

Behind the Scenes

“This graphic 18 minute video exposes the invisible forces that are at work behind the scenes in our society today.

It has been designed to help you explain Christianity and how we identify the spiritual reality of life on earth. It takes the listener on an intentional journey from first identifying there is evil stuff happening that does not make sense.

It’s easy to follow and explains what we see in the natural is heavily influenced by invisible spiritual forces represented by two opposing spiritual Kingdoms, one good and one evil and both are influencing the physical world we live in.

Once we have exposed the two spiritual kingdoms, we introduce the Bible as the makers manual for human beings and what it says about our spiritual condition and how we cannot sit on the fence, everyone is in either living in the kingdom of darkness or the kingdom of Light by the choices they have made.

We then take the listener on a journey of discovering what kingdom they are currently in and an opportunity to enter the Kingdom of Light.

It is a great evangelism tool to help make the “invisible” “visible,”  plus it is the starting point for all new Christian Disciples prior to them beginning The Growing Deep and Strong.®

Click on the Video link to find out more

Now available in the Google Play and iTunes App Stores — simply type in “Behind the Scenes” including the italics and download onto your phone and share with others.


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