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Demographics of the Coming Harvest.

Before you can achieve a successful harvest, it’s crucial to understand the demographics of the coming harvest.
Today’s generations of people surely have little to no biblical knowledge of the bible. They have no idea how God meant us to live.

They have no idea on what I call the manufacturer’s handbook, the Bible. And when they flood into the Kingdom of Light, we run the real risk of what Jesus is saying in the parable of the Sower that if they are not discipled properly, they will fall away and go back into old lifestyles. (Luke 8:4-18)

Our Experience

We had a powerful encounter with God in 1990 and no longer doubted that God was real and He’s the answer to life’s issues.

But our challenge was that we had no biblical foundation, no idea of what to do or how to change our lives. We found it difficult to find good discipleship materials to help us change our lifestyle and apply what the Bible says about living a Biblical worldview.

And like us, if you look at the world now and people in society, all of their knowledge, all of their foundational truths, are out of the kingdom of darkness. Their mindsets, their values, and belief systems are contrary to the Word of God. All the things that they think are okay directly contravenes God’s word.

The Good News

But the good news is that there’s no doubt that these people are going to flood into the kingdom, into your churches, and into your environment. They’re going to be your neighbours, they’re going to be your friends. They are going to be deeply convicted by God and will be wanting to change.

Societal Reformers

We must disciple these people and retain the harvest, and not only that, create a lifestyle in them that they become societal reformers themselves.

We need to disciple them, so they can go back into their mountain of influence and they begin to change the world around them to a biblical worldview.

We cannot let it go back to the way they were

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