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Encounter One Weekend

Congratulations on taking the first courageous step towards transformation! Your decision to register for one of our events is the beginning of a remarkable journey.

Get ready to experience the profound and uplifting power of God’s healing, in a very private and confidential manner just like thousands already have.

We will be covering topics such as;

  1. Power of the Cross
  2. Healing Power of Communion
  3. From Curse to Blessing
  4. Generational Curses
  5. Religious Spirit
  6. Unforgiveness
  7. Fear, Doubt, and Unbelief
  8. Rejection
  9. Witchcraft and Occult
  10. Freemasonry
  11. Water Baptism (optional)
  12. Holy Spirit Baptism
  13. Gift of Tongues
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Transformation Testimonials

Instantaneously I Felt Different

Been a Christian 28 years, the Encounter Weekend was one of the most impacting events I have ever done — there were strongholds in my life I had no idea — instantaneously I felt different. – Esther

Gentle but Profound

“It is gentle, but profound.” – Annette, Christian 26 years

Very Releasing, Incredibly Liberating

40 years a Christian — people who have been a Christian a long time will greatly benefit — very releasing — new-found freedom — incredibly liberating. – Kate

Feel Lighter

Feel lighter — every Christian should do this. – Eshan

Safe Environment

It’s a safe environment — very private — confidential. – Jo Anne, Christian 38 years

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