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Encounter Weekends In Your Area

Discover the power of healing and deliverance at our Growing Deep and Strong Encounter Weekends!

What is an Encounter Weekend?

These transformative events are designed to equip leaders and empower individuals, helping them overcome past demonic baggage that they bring in their Christian journey.

Led by our dedicated ministry team, our weekends provide a secure, personal, and confidential environment where participants can find healing and freedom from past burdens.

Through prayer, teaching, and personal ministry, we aim to prepare God’s people for a profound outpouring of His spirit.

Decades of Deliverance Ministry

For over 26 years, we’ve successfully conducted Deliverance Ministry Weekends, witnessing countless lives transformed by the grace and power of God.

If you’re passionate about helping others to be transformed and renewed, simply provide your details, and we’ll contact you to discuss how you can play a part in equipping God’s people in your community!

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