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Coach’s Advanced Course (GDAS-CAC)

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Advanced Course: 2nd 18 weeks

The Advanced Course Coach’s manual is the second stage of the Growing Deep and Strong™ Series, it consists of modules 3 and 4  (18 weeks)

It has been designed to help the Disciples discover their own unique God-given gifts and how they can best use their gifts as they serve God. It enables the disciples to reach out to others and become coaches themselves.

The Advanced Course consists of these manuals:

  • The War is Real
  • Discipling Others

PLEASE NOTE: It is highly recommended that the Basis Course is completed prior to using the advanced course. 

The Growing Deep and Strong™ Series can only be used with the NKJV Spirit Filled Life Bible and must be purchased separately.

Allow 14-21 days delivery from time of purchase.

The following gives you a detailed overview of each session of the Coach’s Advanced Course.

Module 3. The War Is Real (Advanced Course)

Each session is broken into three parts

I) First, you as the Coach or group presenter present the next session’s topic from the Coach’s Manual. (VERBAL PRESENTATION). This has been designed in a manner that is easy to listen to and follow.

The Coach’s Manual provides a complete set of notes for teaching each topic. This is not a discussion time but a presentation of the topic. Recommended duration: 25-30 minutes.

2) Second, (PERSONAL DISCOVERY). Disciples will be required at their own pace to discover personally the topic you presented to them. This is done in an easy to follow format by filling in missing words from Bible verses and the other study notes in the Bible.

Each Bible verse is page numbered making it easy for the disciple to find the Bible verses. Expected duration: approximately 50-90 minutes.

The Coach’s Manual has the complete script for each session’s presentation, making it easy to present each topic. All the answers to questions in Personal Discovery Review are filled in making it easy to coach your disciples.

3) Third, at the conclusion of each session, a group of suggested questions for review and group discussion. Your disciples have a list of questions at the end of the session (PERSONAL DISCOVERY REVIEW) which you as the coach discuss to ensure your disciples have grasped the topic.

At the conclusion of each module– the coach presents a signed certificate of completion to their disciples.

Module Three is aimed at teaching and equipping the disciples to pray for the people they know who remain in the kingdom of darkness.
Firstly, it is designed to help them discover their own unique God-given gifts and how can best use their gifts as they serve God and help others. Secondly, this module teaches on spiritual warfare, combining prayer, worship, intercession and fasting as spiritual weapons against the enemy who has blinded these people.
The third aspect is to help the disciples apply the principles of prayer warfare practically by targeting three people in their circle of influence and praying for them over a 40 day period with the aim of seeing them come into the kingdom of God.

New converts from prayer evangelism

New disciples of Jesus should be the result of prayer warfare and evangelism. This is how new groups of brand new believers can be multiplied. Ideally, the person who prayed new believers into God’s kingdom would follow them up, and become their coach.

With the oversight of their current coach they would assist the new believer to begin Module One of the Basic Course while they themselves complete Module Four of the Advanced Course.

Session 1, Gifts of the Father

In  this session you will help the disciple discover the spiritual gifts that God the Father has given them. this is based on the teachings of Don and Katie Fortune (Discover your God-Given Gifts and used with permission)  each of the seven gifts in Romans 12:6-8 is explained.

Session 2, Gifts of the Spirit

In this session you will teach your disciples on what the Bible says about the gifts of the Spirit and how Holy Spirit will operate and manifest in their lives. you will help your disciples identify the nine gifts of the Spirit, 1 Corinthians 12: 4-6.

Session 3, The Way We Were

In this session, you will remind them of where they were before they began their journey as a follower of Jesus Christ and many of their freinds remain in the kingdom of darkness and God desires all men to be saved.

Session 4, God’s Heart For Mankind

In this session, you teach your disciples that God desires all of mankind be rescued from the kingdom of darkness, we are in  spiritual warfare and Jesus has commissioned us to “go into all the world—.”

Session 5, The War Room

In this session, you begin to  teach your disciples strategies for waging spiritual warfare and practical steps on how to receive instructions and strategies to rescue others within their circle of influence from the kingdom of darkness. Plus you will teach them the power of worship as a warfare tool.

Session 6, Warfare Prayer Strategies

In this session, you will train your disciples for war between the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of Light and how God will use them to wage war for the salvation of three people within there circle of influence. Plus how to team up with other disciples within your group and collectively as a team wage war.

Session 7, Praying For Breakthrough

In this session, you will help your disciples discover the power of prayer with fasting. Some practical steps on fasting, creating warfare prayer as a daily routine and listening closely to Holy Spirit as He continues to reveal strategies to remove the blindfolds from the eyes of those who they are praying for.

Session 8, The Lord of Breakthrough

In this session, you will continue to teach them on the different warfare strategies for different occasions, the Godhead and the hosts of heavens are fighting with us. PS. from session 5 onwards, not only have you been teaching them, but you have been helping your disciples apply the principles of spiritual  warfare to rescue others from the kingdom of darkness.

Session 9, Sent Out By Jesus

This session, concludes 40 days of warfare prayer, fasting, worship warfare, strategically praying, being led by Holy Spirit, discovering their God-given gifts and now reaching out to those they have been praying for and rescuing them from the kingdom of darkness. PLUS, preparing to disciples the new converts.

Module 4. Discipling Others (Advanced Course)

Module Four is designed to help the disciple develop leadership skills to coach new believers through Module One and Two of the basic course, and also to lead small groups of Christians effectively as they grow and multiply.

Your role has now changed, you have taken your disciples on a journey, from spiritual babies, to young spiritual adults developing a Godly character to themselves birthing new spiritual babies.

The best way to describe your role in Discipling Others, is almost akin to becoming grandparents and helping your children raise their children.

PS. these sessions are  usually only about 15- 30 minutes as they are being run concurrently with them teaching their new spiritual babies the Basic Course 19 weeks Growing Deep and Strong® Curriculum.

Session 1, Introducing Growing Deep and Strong ®

In this session, with your disciples (who are now taking on the role as a coach), your show the the new converts ther Behind The Scenes video, reaffirm their conversion and explain the importance of good discipleship and the benefits of participating in the Growing Deep and Strong ® program.

Session 2, A New Parent

in this session your disciple has begun teaching their new disciples and your role is to teach them on how to present each topic in the Basic Course.

Session 3, Baby Talk

.In this session, you teach them about the importance of baby talk, most likely their new disciples have no biblical knowledge and it  is important to avoid any “Christianese” language, simply follow the steps we teach in the Coach’s manuals.

Session 4, Caring For Children

In this session, you are reinforcing  that it  can be a messy process raising new spiritual children, how important it is to invest the time and effort in developing new Christians. how they themselves one day will be discipling others and the effectiveness of this will be relevant to how much effort they put into their new disciples.

Session 5, Son’s Equipping Gifts–Part One

In this session, you will teach them about how Jesus had commanded us to “Go and make disciples——.”  not just create converts, but disciple our new converts. Plus you will teach them on the Five-Fold ministry gifts that Jesus has given us.

 Session 6, Son’s Equipping Gifts–Part Two

In this session, you will expand on the Five Fold ministry based around what Ephesians 4:11-12 teaches and the practical application.

Session 7, Caring For Adolescents

in this session, you will teach your disciples about the importance of  birthing and raising spiritual children that hold a biblical worldview and become people of influence  and tomorrows leaders within society and dispelling the influence of the kingdom of darkness within society.

Session 8, Preparing for Encounter

in this session,

  • you will teach about the importance of  the Encounter Weekends and assist with helping them run successful Encounter Weekends.
  • The importance of prayer warfare for the Encounter Weekend
  • The purpose and theme of session 7 “Spirit, Soul and Body,
  • Team training  for the Encounter Weekend,
  • And team debriefing after the Encounter Weekend.






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