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How to disciple the fringe dwellers in your church

churchComing from a large church, we found that we had a group of people who were having trouble connecting into home groups. (some 75 people)
Most of them came from a low socio-economic background or had very broken backgrounds.

This is what worked for us

The first thing we did was invite people in the church who desired to touch the lives of others yet hadn’t found a place to express that within the church, what I call bright eyes and had a passion to disciple others.

The next thing we did was invite the 75 to a free pizza night, (35 turned up) after pizza and fellowship we presented the video, Behind the Scenes and then introduced them to module one of the Growing Deep and Strong Series.

From this the 35 agreed to meet weekly for pizza, fellowship and discuss what they had learnt from that week’s session.

After nine weeks we ran the Encounter One Weekend and to say that lives were transformed is an understatement.

The success of the Growing Deep and Strong Series in helping to transform lives and help them reconnect back into society and the church was amazing.

You too can have similar results

Go to our website and download the first three sessions and instructions on how to successfully disciple new and maturing Christians in your Church community

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Its never been easier with our simple to use, inexpensive new Christian Discipleship and Small Group Leadership programs.

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