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Tools for the harvest

tools for the harvestDo you have the right tools for the harvest? Amos 3.7 says, “Indeed, the Sovereign LORD never does anything until He reveals His plans to His servants the prophets.” It is very evident by the number of prophets who are in harmony and agreement that God is about to pour out His Spirit like we have never seen before. Many prophets have indicated that it is the third great awakening. The one thing that they all agree upon is that it’s going to BIG.

With this in mind, it is vitally important that you equip the saints with the right tools for the harvest.

The demographics of the people

the demographics of the peopleIs going to be diverse, they will be from all cultural backgrounds, all age groups and the majority will have had no church background. They will have dabbled in all sorts of demonic activities, witchcraft, sexual activities, their moral compass will be far removed from the morals God meant His creation to live by.

Many will come from broken marriages, some will have siblings that have a different mother or father, in some cases I have met young adults in a family of five and everyone had a different father. Many will be extremely broken and emotionally damaged, they will be very demonised by the sins they have committed and will bring a lot of baggage into their conversion from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of Light.

Mature Christians know the joy and the Blessings that come from living and loving the pleasures of life when we live it according to God’s design.

But those about to or are being swept into Gods kingdom will have no idea other than they have had a powerful encounter with God and want to change their lifestyle and this is why it will be vitally important to have the right tools for the harvest.

Old wineskins and tools

Old wineskins and toolsOld tools that we have used in the past won’t work. Karen and I are forerunners to the coming harvest, and we experienced the poor discipleship materials that have been used.
The old classroom style and one-way dialogue won’t work, our current culture is well informed and uses a different approach to learning, if you present a topic, you must allow them the ability to check it out for themselves and then have an open dialogue that allows interaction and discussion.

Take the Gospel and make it simple

When we wrote the © Growing Deep and Strong series, we knew this was going to be the group that you would be discipling. With this in mind we realised you needed to take them on a discipleship path that would make sense to them. In other words, we wanted to take the Gospel and make it simple to understand. We wanted to make sure that it was interactive, so that when you presented a topic, they could check it for themselves and then discuss what they learnt with you.

Spiritual Babies

It’s important to realise that these new Christians are spiritual babies and like human babies you cannot expect them to act like adults, with this in mind we created the ©Growing Deep and Strong series in a manner that allows you to hold them by the hand and take them on a journey of learning as you do children and as they grow into teenagers the level of learning increases and they are taught to take responsibility for their actions.

Transference and new Spiritual birth

behind the sceneThe first step is to introduce them to the spiritual realm and the existence of two kingdoms, kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of Light and help them understand they were/are living in the kingdom of darkness.

Learn about God and the new kingdom they live in

how to navigate the bibleTreat them as spiritual babies and take baby steps, show them how to navigate their way around the Bible, how they now live in a new spiritual, reveal the old ruler they lived under, Satan. Introduce them to their new King, God, explain why Jesus came, introduce them to the Helper the Holy Spirit, realign their views on angels, reveal how there past life in the kingdom of darkness has caused them to bring demonic baggage into their walk with God.

Experiencing healing power of God

power of the crossOn a weekend retreat, in a safe and confidential environment the new disciples experience the healing power of God, this is where you will set them free from demonic hindrances that will prevent them from growing into the fullness of all that God has for them. At the conclusion of the weekend, you will water baptise them and baptise them in the Holy Spirit andthe gift of tongues

Dealing with character issues and old lifestyle

praise and worshipBy now they have a good understanding of the Kingdom of Light, we now view the disciples as teenagers approaching adulthood and Module two is about addressing character issues and exposing them to what the bible says about these character issues. By exposing them to the word of God on each of these, topics, your role is to introduce the topics and allow the Holy Spirit to bring conviction and correction to their old lifestyle

Experiencing God’s grace and healing power

power of the crossAgain, this brings an awareness of demonic issues from their old lifestyle, at this encounter weekend you deal with ungodly character issues that have arisen as the studied how God meant us to live according to His Word

Evangelism is the fruit of revival

gifts of the fatherWhen God’s people are truly revived and renewed spiritually, it results in a new vision for a lost world and a new commitment to reach out to those who do not belong to Christ. Evangelism is the fruit of revival

In this module you will help them discover their God-given gifts and how to best to use them.

You will teach them the principles and strategies of prayer warfare with the aim of fulfilling the great commission by praying for people in their circle of influence and bringing them out of the kingdom of darkness.

New converts and Discipleship

welcome new coachThis module is designed to help your disciples develop leadership skills to coach the new believers through the ©Growing Deep and Strong discipleship path. The process I have just described is simple to teach, easy to follow, it will multiply itself organically and develop strong Christians and minimise the falling away of new believers.

More detailed information is described throughout our website Plus, you can download our Discipling Others Coach’s manual

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