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What is Christian Discipleship?

christian discipleship

Christian discipleship primarily refers to a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ. It is the process by which a disciple is a convinced adherent to an individual and a prescribed school of thought.

According to the Book of John, Christian Discipleship began with Jesus choosing and discipling twelve men in the ways of God.

In modern history, Christian Discipleship begins when a person makes a conscious decision to be a follower of Jesus Christ, His teachings and using the Bible as the benchmark to their lifestyle.

In todays society, most people have no church upbringing and are devoid of any knowledge of the Bible, the teachings of Jesus Christ and live a lifestyle far removed from what the Bible and Jesus Christ teaches.

I fell into this category and struggled in my early years to follow and understand the ways of Jesus Christ and His teachings.

I found most of the Christian Discipleship material was fragmented, it was not written in a manner that took a person with a godless background on an intentional Christian discipleship path to help them grow into a mature Christian believer following the Christian lifestyle taught throughout the Bible.

It was for this reason that I wrote a 19 weeks and 37 weeks intentional Christian Discipleship and Leadership program called the ©Growing Deep and Strong Series to quickly establish new and maturing believers in their faith and walk with God.

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In His Service
Carl John Fechner

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