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How to unlock the Bible

bibleMany new Christians find it very difficult to discover how to unlock the Bible and how to apply Biblical principles for living a new lifestyle that is in line with what the Bible teaches.

My early experiences as a new a Christian

new christianWhen I first became a new Christian I had no idea on how to unlock the Bible and apply it to a new way of thinking and living. I had no idea on where to begin.
I knew God was real because of a very powerful encounter with God on the day of my conversion to Christianity, May 23rd, 1990.

I had no idea of the different versions of the Bible. Some well-meaning Christians gave me a “Good News” version of the Bible and told me to read a specific section. But without instructions or using a study Bible that at least had commentaries it was very difficult.
Other Christian leaders gave me some basic Bible study materials, but all of these were based on the assumption that I had some church and Christian background.


Zero Church background – unlock the bible

growing deep and strongI had zero church background. I had no idea why Jesus came to earth, who the Holy Spirit is, and as I read the Old Testament, God looked like someone who had a big stick and if you made a mistake you would be zapped by Him!

I found that most Christian Discipleship materials are akin to throwing someone into the deep end of a swimming pool and saying, “Here, figure out how to swim.” Thankfully, persistence is one of my attributes and I doggedly persisted.

I kept buying various Bible versions and finally came across the New King James Version Spirit Filled Life Study Bible and it changed my life the most because it is full of  the study notes, footnotes, and many more helpful Bible study tools from 50 well respected Bible Scholars that helped me understand how to apply the Bible to my everyday walk.

How to unlock the Bible for others

unlock the bibleVery few new Christians would have persisted and in most cases I have found that they have a very fragmented understanding of the Bible and how to apply it to their lives.

Growing Deep and Strong

growing deep and strongIn 2001 My team and I embarked on a journey of writing a Christian Discipleship course that would grow and mature a brand new believer like me who had zero church background.

It was a God appointed team. I come from an unchurched background and understood the challenges of a new Christian and many of my team were experts in theology.

Our objectives

objectiveWe had clear objectives on helping a new disciple of Jesus Christ learn how to unlock the Bible and apply it their life.

  1. It had to quickly establish a new believers by applying Biblical principles practically to everyday life.
  2. It had to take them on an intentional path from a new believer to a coach or small group leader, discipling others in 12 months or less.
  3. The leader’s manual had to be simple to use, true to the Bible, and reduce any chance of incorrect doctrines being added by immature leadership.
  4. It had to be based on a study Bible that was well developed, enabling us to page number all the Bible verses, making it easy for a new Christian to look up the references.
  5. It had first of all to lay out foundational truths, such as the two spiritual kingdoms, who God is, why Jesus came, the person of the Holy Spirit, the existence and purpose of angels, and how to get free of the baggage we bring from their old life into their new Christian life.
  6. Secondly, it had to show from the Bible how God meant us to live, realign their character with godly principles and discover their God-given gifts.
  7. Thirdly, it was important to teach them how to pray and bring others into God’s kingdom out of the kingdom of darkness.
  8. Fourthly, it had to teach them how to disciple others, that is, those they had prayed into the kingdom of Light.
  9. It had to be designed so that anyone could pick it up and begin to confidently disciple others.
  10. It had to be flexible so that it could be run in almost any setting and time frame, from one-on-one to a small group, with coaches to mentor and encourage the new Christians.



It took 5- 6 years and some 35,000 hours to write and trial to ensure that we had achieved our mandate.

This very comprehensive discipleship program has been proven to grow new Christians through to being able to reproduce themselves spiritually and then pass on the same blessing they have received as they become mentors to those they have brought into God’s kingdom. An in-depth explanation is available on the website plus you can download our 120 page “Discipling Others.”

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