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This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti

This Present DarknessThe book, This Present Darkness written by Frank Peretti was the turning point for my “conversion” to Christianity.

It is a “novel” written about a small rural community town and explains in a very  graphic manner the invisible influence and interaction of angels, demons, prayer and spiritual warfare for control of the minds of the citizens of this small community town.  It was a  test case away from the limelight of the general public to introduce New Age and Eastern spiritual practices into the schools and universities to  ultimately redefine society.

Two Spiritual Kingdoms

Two Spiritual KingdomsAs I read it I discovered the reality of two spiritual kingdoms, one good and one evil, and the evil kingdom intent on destroying mankind. Christianity then made sense.

It filled in the gaps on my views of God. Previously I could not understand, if He were a God of love why does all this bad stuff happen on earth? I came to understand the source of bad stuff that had happened in my life, and the influence the Kingdom of Darkness had on me making some very bad decisions.

And ultimately, I realised God was real, He absolutely loves mankind and I was living under the influence of the wrong kingdom. And on the 23rd May 1990, I cried out to this previously unknown God, He revealed Himself to me in a very powerful manner and I was transferred into His Kingdom of Light and out of the Kingdom of Darkness.

If you are like I was, or you are struggling to explain Christianity to a friend this is a great book to give them.

You can order it on Amazon in hard copy or as a Kindle book

Or in Australia you can get it from Koorong Christian Bookstore

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